Polish Village Hall / St. Michael’s Polish Benefit Society

Like St. Mary’s Polish Church, the Polish Village Hall is a designated heritage landmark. It is owned by the St. Michael’s Polish Benefit Society. The society was set up in 1909 and is the organization that first petitioned for a Polish church. The society remains very active; its structure was modernized in 2012 by a special act of the Nova Scotia legislature, the first law in Canada to be written in Polish (and English).

The first hall was built in 1911 and replaced by the current one in 1949.

The Polish Village Hall holds numerous cultural events, and it’s also where our Pogoria Polish Folk Ensemble practices and performs.

Thanks to the generous support of funders and donors, the hall underwent a major facelift in 2011-2013. It is now wheelchair accessible, air-conditioned, and modern, with a banquet/dance area and a café-style exhibit and reception space.

We have heard from many people who attend events or rent the hall that it is one of the most appealing, comfortable, and functional community halls they have seen. It is also very affordable and welcoming to the broader community.

We invite you to rent the Polish Village Hall for events large and small.

To rent the hall or to make enquiries, please call 902-564-8494.